Odysseus Of Ithaca As A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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In Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus of Ithaca is the hero. A hero is someone who is loyal to their country, family, and gods. The Odyssey is a grand and very detailed adventure. The main character, Odysseus, is a victim of an “epic journey” while trying to get back home after 20 years. Have you ever wondered what makes a hero? In the Odyssey, a hero is loyal to his country, family, and his/her gods. Odysseus portrays these qualities in many ways during his “epic journey” back home. During his journey, he and his men come upon a mysterious island. Odysseus sent out a few men to explore the area, but they never came back. The men he had sent out had eaten the rare and intoxicating plant called the lotus flower. It was said that if you ate
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