Odysseus Qualities Of An Effective Leader In Homer's Odyssey

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Most people are leaders at some point in their life but, not all people are great leaders. Odyssues, the king of Ithica in the poem, The Odyssey, is one of those people. The Odyssey, arguably the most famous epic poem of all time, is believed to be written by Homer in 700 BC. Odysseus has many positive attributes but lacks the qualities needed to be a efficective leader. Odysseus is temparmental and it impairs his ability to be a successful leader. For example, Odysueuss states “I began to taunt the Cyclops-men around trying to check me, calm me, …‘so headstrong,…why rile the beast again’”(Homer 9.92-94). No good leader would endanger his men because he couldn’t control his temper. A leader should always have a level-head and be sensible
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