Odysseus Responsibility In The Odyssey

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Imagine being were swept away from home, away from everything that was dear, to fight a war that was not your own. Odysseus, King of Ithica, was sent into battle soon after his son was born. The great warrior he is, allowed him to win, but due to his overwhelming, vainglorious shouts of victory turned the god Poseidon against him. Poseidon vowed to not let him return to his homeland and set him keep him at sea forever. In his journey to find his way home, Odysseus and his crew encounter many obstacles that hindered his success which leads to the transferring of responsibility. The epic poem written by Homer labeled The Odyssey proves that society struggles with exercising responsibility through Odysseus’ crew, the main character Odysseus, and…show more content…
When visiting Cyclopes’ Island, he is forced to save many of his men from the beasts. He retorts after the battle in these words, “‘How do you like the beating we gave you, / you damned cannibal? Eater of guests / under your roof!’” (Homer 874). Odysseus overcame this burden of saving his men, including himself, and defeated the Cyclops. He took this major responsibility in stride and escaped with many lives. In addition, when exploring Scylla and Charybdis, he encouraged his men to persevere and to endure. Odysseus enlivened his men in these words, “‘friends, / have we never been in danger before this? / More fearsome, is it now… Do I not keep my nerve, and use my wits / to find a way out for us?” (Homer 885). He took his responsibility of his crew to new lengths and empowered them to stay strong. Odysseus connected their past to their future to renew their prospective. Continually throughout the story, Odysseus either takes on more responsibility or conquered enormous amounts of it. Homer’s epic poem labeled The Odyssey depicts society struggles with handling responsibility through Odysseus’ crew, the main character Odysseus, and the Cyclops. The men of Odysseus struggled with facing the obligations they had for their lives. The Cyclopes did not take control of their island and did not make responsible choices with his property. Odysseus, on the other hand, took the power he had and helped others along the way. Many have contended with accountability and not many have succeed in vanquishing it. Consequently, it is hard to prosper under the weight of responsibility, but Odysseus
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