Odysseus Roadblocks

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Odysseus and the Roadblocks of Life Michael Jordan once said, “If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks.” However, wholeheartedly I believe in that. No matter what you're trying to do, everything in this crazy thing we call life will come with challenges, and obstacles along the way. You can never achieve anything if you give up the first time something knocks you down. Even though I won't be stuck at sea battling mythical creatures, obstacles such as those odysseus faced will come my way along my journey of reaching my goal to become a pharmacist. The first obstacle that I will come across is possibly not having the money to go to college for eight years. If I dont have the funds that are needed, I won't be able to to go to school, which is something required to be a pharmacist. Similar to Odysseus not being able to come back home to his family right away when he wanted to. On Odysseus’s expedition back home to Ithaca he ran into several hardships, so because of that he couldn't get where he wanted to go. Just like odysseus couldn't get to where he wanted to go, I in the same way wouldn't be able to reach my goal either. It would be very difficult for me to separate from my family for eight years to go to…show more content…
Odysseus had to face not returning home when planned, like I wouldn't be able to reach my goal if i didn't have the money for college. Along my journey i would also have to face separation from family, just like odysseus did. Another thing I would have to face is being smart now so that it will pay off later, like odysseus had to do when he made the plan to get the cyclops drunk, which saved his life. Out of everything I learned from the Odyssey I do know this, Odysseus never gave up, and never lost hope...and neither will I. Will you give up because of the roadblocks in your
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