Odysseus Role In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Essay Odysseus’ roles pertain to him as a military leader, father, and husband in a biblical perspective. His role as a military leader shows throughout the story. Odysseus was a man who, even though had faults, knew he had to be smart, cunning, and brave to become a leader. Odysseus left his son when he was a little, so he could show his leadership skills. But what does that show of him as a father? At the end of the story father and son meet again. Penelope is the love of Odysseus’ life, and he means to take her away from all the suitors. If it means to fight his way to her, then so be it. There are many great leaders in the bible. In ‘The Odyssey,’ Odysseus is the leader.…show more content…
Odysseus left his wife to go to the war. A husband should always reassure that he will come home after the war; wife trusts in her husband. Penelope was left on her own when Odysseus left. The suitors that were living in the house wanted to have Penelope to themselves. When Odysseus comes back to find the suitors hungry for his wife, he devises a plan with his son to kill all the suitors. And just after he has done justice with the suitors, he and his wife can be together again. ‘ Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her’ (Ephesians 5:25). “If you are one of earth’s inhabitants, how blest your father, and your gentle mother, blest all your kin. I know what happiness must send the warm tears to their eyes, each time they see their wondrous child go to the dancing! But one man’s destiny is more than blest—he who prevails, and takes you as his bride. Never have I laid eyes on equal beauty in man or woman. I am hushed indeed.” ― Homer, The Odyssey. Odysseus has done many things that don’t line up with the bible. Being a father who is away is hard. But when you come back and rejoice in the sight of your family that is what matters. A leader is exceptionally tough when you have loved ones far away from you. Odysseus went through many obstacles to come home. A husband needs to know that his wife is safe, and when she wasn’t, Odysseus fought for her safety. Jesus would do the same for us when we call out for help. Ultimately, Odysseus is great leader with mistakes in life, he left his son when he was small, and a husband should lookout for your
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