Odysseus Speech To Nausicaa In Homer's The Odyssey

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Odysseus’ speech to Nausicaa in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey highlights the wit of his dialogue with his hidden meaning, respect for the gods, and cautious behavior. Odysseus is always on his toes when talking to anyone. He always seems to find a plan to get his way. When Odysseus is talking to Nausicaa he is thinking about what he needs. He begins to complement her and he adds “are you a goddess” to make her feel like she is immortal herself (6.164). Once Odysseus puts Nausicaa on a pedestal, he subtly asks for help and is granted xenia. Odysseus’ values are immensely important to him. His respect for the gods earns him countless allies; mortal and immortal. Once Odysseus states “you’re… the daughter of mighty Zeus” this displays his respect
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