Odysseus Strengths And Weaknesses

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The Character Odysseus’ deminstraight’s his courage and trust.Homer’s text” bind me still more.”In Homers text he states “Bind me still the more.” Next,That he is brave enough to allow him to be tied up.Odyssey allows his crew to tie him up and beleaves he will untie him.”Stating they delivered me from my restraints ,displays that he respects his men to obey him which shows trust.”As well as portraying strengths, he also dimonstaights that he has wisdom.

Odysseus’ main weaknesses lies in temptation. For example he listens to the sweet sirens.He listens to their flowering needs. Because his currosity gets the best of him and it leads to temptation. As well as portraying weakness he also displays conflict.Good leaders should not put their followers
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