Odysseus Temptation Analysis

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Throughout his journey, Odysseus and his men faces numerous temptations. When Odysseus is at Circe’s island to rescue his men, as he and his crew were about to depart Circe tell Odysseus “Remain with me, and share my meat and wine’ restore behind your ribs those gallant hearts/ that served you in the old days, when you sailed/ from stony Ithaka.”(X.509-511). Odysseus falls into the hands of Circe as she tempts the crew with as much meat and wine they want. He and his crew givegave into Circe’s island, regaining the fat he lost, as the year goes by. As Odysseus and his crew areis warned not to eat Helios cattle for “the cattle here are not for our provisions,/ or we pay dearly for it”(XII.409-410). Odysseus and his men are stuck on the island
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