Odysseus: The Epic Hero Of The Odyssey

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In the epic The Odyssey, the epic hero Odysseus shows many hero like traits, in my opinion the most important trait would be loyalty. Odysseus, the hero of The Odyssey, first shows the trait loyalty on the Land of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus sends three of his best men to check out this island, but bad luck has them and they run into Lotus Eaters who are addicted to the Lotus Plant. The next they know is the three men become addicted also. They men are then dragged back to the ship by Odysseus, who shows a great about of loyalty. He then ties them underneath the row benches so that they remain true to each of their promise, loyal to their families, and their homeland, Ithaca. That was only the first example of how Odysseus shows loyalty to his men, family, and homeland. …show more content…

That’s when Odysseus comes up with a good plan to escape under rams’ bellies, but with him last. He tucks his men under the rams’ body and sends them out first and then he comes out last making sure he leaves no men behind. Luckily they make it out safe and sound. His actions here is showing great loyalty to his men. These are two great examples of Odysseus showing loyalty in The Odyssey. Odysseus shows many great like hero traits but I think loyalty is his most important trait he has yet to

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