Odysseus The King: A True Hero

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In my opinion I think he was a heroic person, back at the chapter “Death in the Great Hall” He was disguised as a beggar and was able to string his own bow and shoot it thru the holes of the axes and revealed himself as Odysseus and killed all the suitors in his house and took back his land. Back when he was at the cyclopes island He blinded the cyclops and shouted his name and told the cyclops that he needs no one to help him. he is a powerful man, then, later on, he got cursed by most of the gods and he was to die, but that didn 't stop him.

The reason I think he is a great hero is he survived 8 years without food and water and endured Going to the underworld and going to Charybdis and Scylla Only to get the whole crew to

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