Odysseus The King: Matilda Is The Ideal Hero

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Even though everyone believes that Odysseus is the ideal hero, Matilda is the real hero. She was born into a family who did not care about education or honesty. Matilda was a very fast learner, some would even label her as a child prodigy. Everyday when her dad left to his sleazy car salesman job and her mother left to play bingo, Matilda would go to the library. As a result, she read children’s books every single day, and eventually she graduated to the adult books. Her parents were strongly against her reading books, which led to her discovering her “power.” After a harsh yelling from her dad, Matilda realized that she had telekinetic powers. Matilda is a hero because she didn’t use her powers selfishly, and she was fearless. The way Odysseus defeated Troy and defeated the obstacles purposely placed in front of him are characteristics of a hero. On the other hand, Odysseus also lost all of shipmates on his journey home, which he could have avoided. Odysseus is claimed as a hero because of the “major details” in his story. The claim to heroism could be considered weak because of they way he had two other kids with a woman that was not his wife. His wife had been faithful to him for 20 years, yet…show more content…
Ms. Honey, her school teacher invited Matilda over to her house to have a chat. She then tells Matilda a story of how bad her aunt treated her as a child, and Ms. Honey later reveals that her aunt is Mrs. Trunchbull (evil mistress.) Matilda was so distraught at the story, so she decided Mrs. Trunchbull needed to be taught a lesson. The next week at school, Mrs. Trunchbull walked in and Matilda used her powers to defeat the wicked headmistress. Mrs. Trunchbull passed out and never returned to school. This relates to the Odyssey by Odysseus defeating the cyclops. Nevertheless, Matilda’s defeat was greater because not only did she save herself, but she also saved the entire
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