Odysseus The King Of Ithaca Analysis

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Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, then days, then months, and then years, but yet the immortal fool, Odysseus, has not yet returned to reclaim his throne and his title “The King of Ithaca”. This savage was too greedy. He left his home, his wife, and especially son, and I knew something had to be done about it...
As I was on top of a steep cliff, I gazed upon the city of Ithaca as if I were an eagle hunting for its prey, perspicaciously looking to see if Odysseus would return. Like usual, the answer always contained some form of negative association and I ended up murmuring to myself:
“The beautiful city Ithaca was going to be mine anytime soon and no one, and I mean NO ONE, will stop me… no suitor, no god, not even the
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I began to reminisce about how different this kingdom was managed when Odysseus was in charge, and that now with his absence of twenty long, dreadful years, it is time for me to ‘step-up’ and take his throne and power. As I was about to penultimately end my rant, I noticed a peculiar silhouette hiding behind a dense bush. Without having any second thoughts, I pulled out my mighty and gruesome sword and dominantly demanded him, or whoever that shadow belonged to, to come out, as if another Trojan War was about to re-play. As a surprise, it was no spy nor was it a monster from the gods, but it was rather Penelope, the most elegant queen and wife of Odysseus. “Oh sorry, my lady,” I exclaimed while putting my sword back in place, “I didn’t mean to startle you. Why might such as beautiful lad try extremely hard to get all the way up here?”
“ Antious, did my bastard husband come back from his ridiculous ‘game’ yet? If not I need to fulfil my duty as his ‘wife’ and choose a new, stronger, braver, and smarter, husband to take his place, who will be with me eternally. Throughout the years, I’ve been wondering, if you would do that with
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