Odysseus: The Legendary Leader In The Odyssey By Homer

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In literature, great leaders must have dominant characteristics that make them unique, but they must also make wise decisions. A person of such standards must have traits such as integrity, humility, and intelligence. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, the depiction of Odysseus as a legendary leader is lauded throughout Greek culture. However, even though his strong leadership is praised it is extremely distorted from the truth. Odysseus has demonstrated his fatal flaws; his hubris, inability to be loyal, and his narcissism. Odysseus was highly dignified and respected by the Greeks. The Greeks had undoubtedly admired all he did during his adventures in Troy and Ithaca. They saw him as the ideal Greek hero who fights off monsters and arives…show more content…
Odysseus remarks, “My men came pressing round me, pleading… yet I refused. I wished to see the cave man, what he had to offer--” (Homer 688). Although Odysseus' craftiness had managed to help him and his men escape past challenges, Odysseus, had ignored his men's pleas to leave the cave before the Cyclops returned because he wanted to see the giant himself, and test his hospitality. If Odysseus had control over his hubris, six of his men wouldn't have been eaten by the Cyclops. A real true leader would never have even put his men's lives in danger like Odysseus did. He and his men could have easily left unharmed, but due to Odysseus’ self-centered demeanor they stayed. Although, after this Odysseus does shows cunning skill when he blinds the cyclops and escapes to his ship, but once they are away from the dangers of the island, Odysseus boastingly brags about who brought down the cyclops even though his men told him not to. “God Sake, Captain! Why bait the beast again? Let him alone! … I would not heed them in my glorying spirit. But let my anger flare and yelled: …” (Homer 695). While Odysseus and his men are finally departing the Cyclops Island, his hubris takes over him and he makes the mistake of
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