Odysseus View Of The Sirens In Homer's Odyssey

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The sirens can be described as people who are cursed by something. While the crewmen are rowing the boat and can 't hear. Odysseus saying turn the boat around. So, Odysseus thinks the sirens are bad people,but I think they are just cursed. So do you think the sirens are telling the truth or is Odysseus.

Odysseus point of view he thinks the sirens are just people trying to kill men. In book 12, he tells his men to put beeswax in there ears so they can 't try to make then kill the whole crew. Odysseus was the only one who didn 't put beeswax in his ear because, he wanted to hear the sirens amazing song. So as they row closer he sirens appear and start to sing. Therefor, Odysseus is tied to a pole and is trying to get loose so he can get
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