Odysseus's Journey To Penelope In The Odyssey

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Although Odysseus claims he wants to get home to his beloved wife, Penelope, he continues to contradict himself throughout the story both through his actions by sleeping around, through taking unnecessary trips that stalled his journey back home even more and flirting with other women along with leading them on.
Odysseus throughout the Odyssey claimed he wanted to get home to Penelope and his home land, Ithaca, but he not only contradicts himself through his actions, he also shows a tremendous amount of disloyalty to Penelope throughout the book. One of his stops during his journey home is to the goddess Circe 's island. Odysseus explained to the Phaeacians his stay at Circe 's island by saying, “ -and when she’d finished, then, at last, I
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In similar fashion to above, Odysseus shows disloyalty to Penelope, but this time, by flirting with other women and leading them on. Odyssey flirts with many women throughout the Odyssey, but one that really stood out, was him with Nausicaa and even her handmaids. Nausicaa the beautiful daughter of King Alcinous, first saw Odysseus when he ended up on her island after his long journey at sea. Odysseus came out of the bushes with nothing on, keeping his eyes on the beautiful women; “So Odysseus moved out...about to mingle with all those lovely girls...” (6. 148-149). Odysseus getting ready to mingle with the women proves that he is disloyal to Penelope because as a married man he should only be loyal to his wife and not be thinking about other women in that way. Along with that Odysseus is being disloyal through his actions because he is mingling with nausicaa but also mingles with her handmaids. Another example includes Odysseus gushing to Nausicaa, “I see her now- just look at your build, your bearing, your lithe flowing grace...” (6. 166-167). Complimenting Nausicaa further confirms Odysseus is disloyal to Penelope because by giving her compliments Odysseus is showing he thinks she is this beautiful girl which is ultimately leading her on. In addition, Odysseus does not even think about Penelope in this situation. He completely ignores the fact that his actions could have consequences in the future. In the same way as above, Odysseus continues to show disloyalty to Penelope, Alcinous stated in a longing way, “If only- you could wed my daughter and be my son-in-law and stay right here with us.” (7. 355 and 358-359). In this section of the Odyssey, Odysseus showed disloyalty once again to Penelope because Odysseus not only flirted with Nausicaa, but went to her parents house knowing nausicaa thought he might be the one she weds one day. After the fact that Alcinous mentioned this, Odysseus did not deny it at all and. Along with that, He never even told Nausicaa
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