Odyssey Book 11 Summary

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Book 11: The Kingdom of the Dead
-Tiresias (a blind prophet whose spirit visits Odysseus)
-Anticlea (Odysseus’ Mother)
-Agamemnon (Odysseus’ partner in the Trojan War)

-The Underworld
Odysseus heads to the Underworld to talk to Tiresias.He makes the sacrifices and then talks to Elpenor. Elpenor asks for a proper burial and Odysseus promises he will do so. Next, Odysseus talks with Tiresias. Odysseus is told that he will survive but his men won’t. Then, Odysseus talks to his mother, Anticlea, about how Ithaca is doing in his absence. Next, he talks to a bunch of different people who he knows including, Agamemnon and Achilles. He also sees some famous Greek people including Hercules, Orion, and Tantalus. Odysseus finally heads back up to the real world to continue his journey.
Book 12: The Cattle of the Sun
-Sirens (creatures whose songs lure sailors to their death)
-Scylla (a six headed monster who devours sailors)
-Charybdis (a dangerous whirlpool)
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He talks with Circe on how to get home. Circe tells him about the Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis. Circe also tells him that he and his men shouldn’t eat the cattle of the sun if they want to live. Then, Odysseus and his men head on their way home. Odysseus fills his men’s ears with beeswax, so they don’t row into the rocks of the Sirens. They then come to a point choose Scylla and lose some men or lose all by going down Charybdis path. Odysseus picks Scylla and rows as fast as they can past Scylla. Odysseus ends up losing six men while rowing past Scylla. Next, they arrive at Thrinacia. The next morning a huge storm approaches and continues for a month. Odysseus and his men run out of food, so they give in and eat one of the cows of the sun. Helios then asks Zeus for revenge and when the storm clears, Odysseus ship gets hit by a lighting boat. Everybody dies except Odysseus. He then swims until he reaches shore on Calypso 's
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