Odyssey Movie Reflection

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In the Odyssey film there are several main characters, Odysseus being the main one. In my opinion, the main characters of the film that provide the epic action would absolutely be Odysseus and his Greek soldiers, Queen Penelope, Telemachus, Athena, and Poseidon. The film itself is one big journey home filled with obstacles along the way after the Trojan War. Odysseus and his soldiers are my first choice of main characters that provide the epic action. After the war, Odysseus refused to give thanks to the gods and so the anger of the god Poseidon prevented his journey back home to Ithaca. Odysseus and his soldiers sailed back home but were separated at sea from the Greek fleet. Odysseus and his soldiers roamed from island to island lost at sea for years encountering monsters and witches and several surprises as they try to make it back home. The main parts of the film have to do with betrayal from his soldiers, deaths from his soldiers, and heroic moments of Odysseus risking his life to save his soldiers. This is why I choose Odysseus and his men as my first choice of main characters. Eventually all of his men are killed very close to the end of the journey home, as they come across what I believe is the hydra or a 3 headed snake or serpent. My next choice is Queen Penelope the wife of Odysseus. Penelope is almost more important than Odysseus himself. After Odysseus leaves for war he makes his wife promise that if he does not return she must marry another man by the time
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