Odyssey Persuasive Speech

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Dear Mr. Flynn,It has come to my attention that you would like to remove certain books from our English curriculum. I would liketo inform you however that I need at least three of theses stories in order to teach the concept of the monomyth. I need the greek myth of Herculesto teach the separation stage. Homer's epic, the Odyssey, is the story I use to teach the struggle / initiation stage. Lastly, I need you to keep the story of the Holy Grail in order to demonstrate the return/reintegration stage.If you must keep only three books, the ones previously stated should be the ones you do.They mythical story of Hercules is ideal to be kept to teach the monomythical stage of separation.The Title hero, Hercules, gets his call to adventurewhen he…show more content…
Finally , Hercules is in his, ''Belly of the Whale'',slightly before his threshold crossing. This substage occurs when his father's wife, the Godess Hera, strikes him with madness whih leads him to kill his wife , kids and two of his brothers.Homer's epic, The Odyssey is the perfect novel to demonstrate the struggle/ initiation stage of the monomyth.The main character in the story, Odysseus, meets his road of trials many times during the story .He is faced with many creatures that he later to feed such as Polyphemus the Cyclops and then the Laestergonians, the gigantic sea monsters. he is also constantly tested by Poseidon, who makes the seas perilous every time Odysseus and his men set off .He has his meeting with the goddess when he meets Athena after Poseidon destroyed Odysseus's man and his

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