Oedipus And Creon Character Analysis

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A tragic hero is defined as a character, most likely in a tragedy, who experiences a downfall as a result of a wrongdoing, an error in judgment or a character flaw. This tragic flaw is referred to as hamartia. The role of hamartia is deeply rooted in The Oedipus Plays since each main character, Oedipus, Antigone, and Creon become victims of their hamartia. One important characteristic of a tragic hero is their hubris or excessive pride, which leads to their downfall. Both Oedipus’s and Creon’s hamartia is a result of their hubris, thus making them the true tragic heroes. While most readers may argue that Oedipus and Antigone are the tragic heroes because they are the protagonists in the tragedy and since the plays are named after them, one must keep in mind that the protagonists are not necessarily the heroes, as these characteristics do not define a true tragic hero.…show more content…
The reason for Oedipus’s and Creon’s hamartia is hubris, while Antigone’s tragic flaw that leads to her downfall was not a result of hubris, but her stubbornness, loyalty to the gods, and disloyalty to King Creon, her

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