Oedipus And Hamlet

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Shakespeare and his work make a tremendous impact on the world are almost household names to the world, and his work, Hamlet is not only a familiar name to us but also a summit. In comparing and contrasting Oedipus and Hamlet, I see Oedipus as more of a man given to sudden, rash decisions and quick temper. Oedipus is definitely a man of action, where Hamlet stews over whether he should kill Claudius. Oedipus is a proud and selfless man, but is more concerned about his image than Hamlet. Hamlet is a very sensitive, moody person, very much in awe of his deceased father, who obviously didn 't care about his image or he wouldn 't have feigned "madness". Oedipus was a very passionate man, passionate about his position, his wife/mother, people of Thebes, and passionate about his concern for Polybus and Merope. Hamlet shows no genuine love for anyone except for his father and maybe his mother, but this is questionable because he would 've killed his mother had the ghost instructed him to. Even when Hamlet declares his love for Ophelia, he later claims it 's not true. He is, however, passionate about killing Claudius. Another contrast is that Hamlet is a thinker and a planner, where Oedipus is more emotional and wasn 't patient enough to fully investigate the murder of Laius. It is difficult to abandon the emotion to our mothers, a psychological fear of failure, afraiding to lose his mother, subsequently arise the antipathy to her. The result is the appearance
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