Oedipus And Orestes Analysis

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In the plays written by Aeschylus and Sophocles, it tells of two different tragedies in very distinct ways. In the play written by Aeschylus, it focuses on how vengeance has brought almost everyone in one family to death, and left the last to fend for his actions. It seemed as if in the first story, the love for family was at times a motive but at other times obsolete. While in the play written by Sophocles, it seemed as if acting on behalf of love, led many of characters to their doom. A way to evaluate the differences between each play and acknowledge their significance, would be to analyze one of the main characters in each book by assessing their personalities, motives, and actions. The two main characters that will be analyzed in this essay will be Oedipus and Orestes. Through doing this character analysis, the differences can be depicted of what each author is specifically saying within their story. Let’s…show more content…
Each character is strongly impacted and acts on the love that they have for others. As well, they both share the common trait of compassion. Oedipus is compassionate towards his people being impacted by the plague, and it is Orestes compassion that makes him contemplate killing his mother. A difference between the two is shown through their flaws, Oedipus is wise, but also at times arrogant, and Orestes is a man who feels abandoned. Within the stories both characters had very different motifs. In the play of Sophocles, Oedipus’s motif was to bring to justice a murderer for the sake of his city. While in Aeschylus’s play, Orestes purpose was to kill his mother in order to avenge his father’s death and escape an unwanted fate. Oedipus’s action to achieve his motif was to act quickly and send out his best men. Orestes actions in order to achieve his motif was to kill his mother and prove that this was an order from a

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