Oedipus Crux Kurt Fosso Summary

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Kurt Fosso is the author of this article called “Oedipus crux: reasonable doubt in Oedipus the King.” Kurt is an associate professor of English at Lewis and Clark College. Kurt is also the author of “Buried Cortuturn-ities: Wordsworth and the Bonds of Mourning.” Fosso has published in such journals as Modern Language Review and New Literary History. Fosso is an expert on the topic that his article is about. This source was published from General One File. This source is an up to date source and is a critical essay journal. The source has a source date of summer 2012. The author focuses on Oedipus, but is very broad about it. Fosso talks about several of the characters in the play. Fosso discusses specific scenes from this play and goes more into depth about these scenes. Fosso tries to get different views from his students about the scenes he discusses. The central idea in reading this tragedy is about seeing and not seeing, some students come to see is that nothing should be taken for granted.…show more content…
Throughout the article the author clearly provides the reader with views about both sides of the play. Fosso erodes the structure of a facile interpretations of Oedipus Rex. Fosso achieves this by raising doubts about Oedipus’s actual guilt. The author shows how Oedipus could possibly be innocent because he either was a helpless pawn of gods or he did not know what he was doing. Fosso wanted his students to present proof of both sides of Oedipus’s uncovered guilt or at least uncertain guilt. The author provides you with accusations from both sides of this play and analyzes many different scenes. There is no one true solution and knowledge is never unbiased or undetermined in this play. The way the author presents this article is very effective about ways the reader could view this
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