Oedipus Downfall

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Downfall of Man Any true human has a side of ignorant pride. In the mysterious play, Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus goes on an investigation. Oedipus sends a prophet and a trustworthy man to seek the Gods and figure out why there is pollution in the land. Oedipus’ pride creates his downfall which is proven in his investigation. To start off Oedipus’ investigation, Tiresias comes back from the Gods with news Oedipus wasn’t expecting to get. Before Tiresias tells Oedipus what the Gods told him, he forewarns Oedipus he is not going the like what he has to say. Tiresias says,“This day will bring your birth and your destruction” (499). Oedipus’ pride influences him to make Teiresias tell him the news. Tiresias and Oedipus finish the conversation by saying, “ TIRESIAS. I say you slew the man whose slayer you seek.…show more content…
Creon starts off by saying, “You citizens, I have just discovered--/ that Oedipus, our king, has levelled charges--/ against me, disturbing allegations.” (612-14). Creon is trying to warn the town about Oedipus’ accusations, which the reader knows these accusations are due to the blindness of his pride. While Creon and the Chorus converse about the assumption Oedipus has made, the Chorus reveals that Oedipus may have made these accusations with an unstable mind. The Chorus says, “Perhaps he charged you--/ spurred on by the rash power of his rage,--/ rather than his mind’s true judgment.” (627-29). The reader knows Oedipus’ pride is what influenced him to excuse Tiresias and Creon for framing him. When Oedipus enters the scene he immediately starts to accuse Creon again. Oedipus tells Creon he is now “an enemy of mine” (657). This all relates to the theme pride can lead to the downfall of man because, just as Tiresias, Oedipus claims Creon is plotting against him due to his pride blinding him from the
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