Oedipus Flaws

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In the novel Oedipus Rex, the protagonist Oedipus Rex exhibits many flaws throughout the play. Whilst the novel,Critical Interpretations Dodds and Goulds essay argues that Oedipus “never possessed any flaws” (Bloom 1). However, one can conclude that he had two major flaws; which were, his ability to quickly accuse others instead of owning up to his mistakes, and his obsession with being the hero.While in the Tragic Hero essay, it is said that we should, “have sympathy with Oedipus” (Barstow 2). One must also glance back at the mistakes that Oedipus made along the play. While yes, his demise was not entirely his fault, some of his actions had sped up the progress. For example, in the beginning of the play, Oedipus declares that he will rescue his subjects and rid of the sickness that spreads across his land. Here he is boasting himself, trying to make his subjects see that he is their hero. Later Oedipus then announces that he had sent his brother in law; Creon, to learn the cause of the curse, and how to rid themselves of it. After learning that the people must purify themselves and rid of the killer of King Laius, can they truly be free again. Once more, Oedipus declares himself the ally, and the hero. Oedipus then continuing his heroism goes to the seer Teiresias,where it is there that Teiresias does not wish to grant Teiresias the information to solve the murder of the king, and out of anger Oedipus then accuses him of the murder of the king, claiming, “Had you had eyes, I would have claimed alone that you murdered him”(Grene 6). Teiresias then reveals that Oedipus is the true murderer of the king. Outraged, Oedipus begins to point fingers and lay accusations that Teiresias, the seer, was plotting…show more content…
However, he was obsessed with being right and proving a point, that he completely ignored the fatal truth that laid in his vision all

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