Oedipus Leadership Qualities

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Oedipus exhibits great leadership qualities at the beginning and end of the play. Oedipus is strong at leading by accepting the first challenge of trying to solve the city 's plague. Oedipus is not a strong leader in the middle of the play because he focuses only on himself and his destiny. At the end of the play oedipus redeems himself as king. At the beginning of the play, Oedipus exhibits strong leadership qualities. King Oedipus solved a past problem by defeating the Sphinx. Doing so the people of Thebes went straight to him to try to solve the next problem in the city. Oedipus asks the people of Thebes what the new problem is. “What is it my children?”(1) trying to be a strong leader he accepts. Oedipus was destined to find out who was…show more content…
And accepts that he was the problem in Thebes. King Oedipus realizes his true identity while trying to figure out the answer to the city 's plague. Oedipus’ wife hangs herself and as Oedipus sees this he stabs out his eyes.”As for my eyes,no one else has struck them, no one but me.” (29) Oedipus’ wife hangs herself after finding out the truth about her “husband.” Oedipus is once again showing leadership qualities he sacrifices himself for the city. “but apollo’s oracle is very clear: get rid of the wound! Me the father killer! Me,the pestilence. Me,the polluter!” (30) oedipus being a leader once again accepts being banished for being the city’s plague and he will never see his family or the throne ever again. Oedipus exhibited great leadership qualities at the beginning of the play because he took on a new challenge. Oedipus showed great leadership qualities at the end of the play because he sacrificed himself for the city of thebes. Even though Oedipus was the city 's plague he still came through as a leader. That is why Oedipus was a good leader and a good king. In conclusion oedipus has set the city free from the plague by having himself banished from thebes. This helps the city because now the people of thebes know who murdered Laius, even though their king is gone. The city of thebes is now free from the city’s
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