Oedipus Rex Argumentative Essay

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1. Oedipus is a hero, but he represents most men at the same time. He has human characteristics and feelings, such as his curiosity towards the knowledge Teiresias possesses and his horror when he realizes his horrible actions. “If you know something about our pain tell us…Speak then! Tell us what will emerge.” P.13 Oedipus questions Teiresias, curious to know what he knows. “Oh gruesomely clear it has all unraveled… I was bonded with the people I should have never killed.” P.40 Oedipus sees what he has done wrong and feels vulnerable and horror. The audience clearly sees that heroes are very human and how real their limitations. Most people would have felt that same vulnerability if the gods had made us their plaything and tormented us, writing a prophecy of our doom. 2. Oedipus is given god like attributes, you can even see the chorus. “gathered around [Oedipus’] altars, praying… ” P.6 Chorus. The reference to Oedipus’ altars and praying makes it seem as if they believe him to be a God capable of easily fixing their problems. Besides from saving the city, Oedipus is also called upon to get…show more content…
By hearing and not seeing the horrid event, the audience may find it more tragic and less gruesome than if it was acted out. “He took out the golden broaches … and plunged them deep into the socket of his own eyes… until the blood began to flow like black rain…” Attendant P.41. This would have turned the story into a gory horror play, losing the drama for gore. It was intentional to keep the audience feeling a dramatic ambiance. 9. The symbolic implication that comes of Oedipus blinding himself is he has seen too much evil and would rather see nothing than more evil. “What’s there left for me to see…?” P.44 Oedipus here say he has seen too much and that what he has seen will taint everything he sees thereafter. I do not find this courageous nor heroic, I believe blinded himself to not see what he had done, to not be reminded of his deeds, even by seeing his

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