Diction In Oedipus Rex

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One’s actions can sometimes lead to the distortion of his/her perception as well as destroying their self-image. This concept is presented in the book Oedipus Rex written by Sophocles, in which the Oedipus, the protagonist, goes through numerous of emotional phases as his actions, predetermined by the oracles, cause him to be in complete devastation. Oedipus therefore seeks for misery as he blames his actions for his destined deeds. Moreover, in Oedipus Rex written by Sophocle critical diction highlights how one’s guilt can lead to his/her demise as well as the people’s around them. In the book Oedipus Rex, the author enhances how one’s guilt an lead to his/her demise as well as the people’s around them through critical diction to indicate…show more content…
When Oedipus finally discovers the truth about his past, his mother hangs herself before Oedipus could talk to her. As a result, he blinds himself with her necklace in order to punish himself for all the consequences he has lead up to this occurrence. However, before Oedipus stabs himself he states, “No more,// No more shall you look on the misery about me, // The horrors of my own doing” (Sophocles 69)! Oedipus repeats the words “No more” twice, this reinforces his negative thoughts about himself as he feels extremely ashamed of his actions and the consequences of his father 's death as well as the marriage with his mother. Through the repetition, it is clear that he is determined about his viewpoint and expresses self-destructive behaviors that inhibit Oedipus and as a result, he starts recapping the events repeatedly in his mind. The word “misery” negatively connotes his performance and thus indicating that Oedipus is degrading himself as he believes he is not worthy of happiness, love and is exceedingly embarrassed about himself and the influence he brought upon his people. Therefore, he states that nobody should ever look at his“misery.” Oedipus is eager to distort his perception of himself from a pride man with a successful future transforming it into complete
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