Oedipus Rex Fate

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Oedipus Rex was produced by the writer Sophocles. The story was a tragedy from the very beginning. As an infant, Oedipus was cursed and could never escape it since it was fate. He unknowingly achieved the prophecy because of type of character he was. Oedipus was a hubris individual, however, he was obsessed with figuring the truth to save his city which was undergoing a plague, and eventually recognizes the mistakes he has wrongfully committed. Oedipus was able to relate to the human condition all throughout the story. He was obsessed with discovering the truth from the beginning. Oedipus was an arrogant king filled with great pride. However, he was a noble ruler towards his kingdom and would do anything to save it from disasters. Oedipus…show more content…
He saved him- but for what a fate! For if you are what this man says you are, No man living I more wretched than Oedipus (Oedipus scene 4. Antistrophe. Lines 64-68). The shepherd discusses that no other man can have it worse than Oedipus because he accidently completed the prophecy Therefore, Oedipus was so obsessed with finding out the truth of who killed the former king of Thebes, he unfortunately exiled himself because he was Laius killer. No matter what the family decided to do, no one could have escaped the fate. Oedipus thrives to have power and show his pride in power. When Oedipus decided to blind himself he was finally able to see the whole truth and the wrongdoings he has committed before and during his thrown. CHORAGOS: This is the king who solved the famous riddle And towered up, most powerful of men. No mortal eyes but looked on him with envy, Yet in the end ruin swept over him (Oedipus exodus. Antistrophe 2. Lines 294-297) Oedipus was once a great, powerful man, but he gouged his eyes out and misfortune has conquered his future. After, he decided to blind him, Oedipus was finally able to notice the truth and accept the curse as it
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