Oedipus Rex, Ion, And The End Of The Dying World

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Madness is a subjective state, it is based and influenced by personal feelings, beliefs and opinions. Madness can be analyzed in different ways and can be seen in numerous areas in one’s life. Madness could be seen when a traumatic event has occurred and in personal opinions. A book that explains madness well is Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, which includes a traumatic event that causes the protagonist to go mad. In Plato’s Ion, madness could be seen in Ion’s belief that his opinions are sane but for Socrates they seem to be insane. Lastly, a recent modern definition of madness can be seen in Netflix’s show, The End of the F***ing World by Charles S. Forman in which two individuals come together and madness occurs between the characters because of their experiences in their homes. It is evident that the works, Oedipus Rex, Ion, and The End of the F***ing World portray madness effectively and allow readers to form an understanding of what it means to be mad. In Oedipus Rex, madness is explained through the protagonist who experienced a traumatic event that was unexpected, everything Oedipus once believed in was a lie which drove him nuts. Oedipus demonstrates characteristics of anger and insanity. Oedipus believed he formed a royal family with his wife Jocasta, but little did he know Jocasta was actually his mother and he killed his father. Once Oedipus realized the traumatic event may be true he demanded for answers and seeked for witnesses. When the shepherd arrived, Oedipus
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