Oedipus Rex Vs The Book Of Job Analysis

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Ever since my friend brought me to her church six years ago, I’ve never gone two weeks without going to church at least once. Although I don't consider myself Christian, I do consider religion a big part of my life One of my biggest problems about faith was all the questions that I couldn't get a direct answer to such as How do you know God exists? or What about evolution? I desperately wanted proof whether or not God was real so that I could move on instead of being an awkward confused mess whenever someone asked about my faith. In my case the truth will indeed set me free from my confusion but to others that already have a strong belief with or against God, it would crush them depending on the truth. Therefore ignorance is not always bliss and the truth won’t always set you free. The Book of Job and Oedipus Rex both begin…show more content…
You can tell they are very devout to God and it’s as if they’re the ones that are ignorant. At one point he says to them “ Will you blindly stand on his side , pleading his case alone?”which is ironic because he called his wife foolish for saying something similar in the beginning of the book (Mitchell 34). This shows that Job is starting to lose his innocence as he starts questioning God because he feels betrayed and that God is unfair. Job’s three friends are almost exactly like Job in the beginning of the book. A voice then replies from a whirlwind with a rush of rhetorical questions that illustrate God’s power and wisdom. From this, Job is“comforted that [he is] dust” because he sees that God is very powerful and wise, therefore he doesn’t need to worry (Mitchell 88). After his realization, Job is blessed with twice the wealth he had before. This supports the claim that the truth will set you free as Job is not only wealthier but is “...comforted...” by his newfound
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