Oedipus The Blind Analysis

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devastating results were quite tragic as he changed from a metaphorically blind to a real blind. “Blind / from this hour on! Blind in the darkness-blind!” (1408-1409)”. After reading this quote the reader would connect this to Teiresias, as he is the other physically blind in this story. Looking back the reader might discover an astonishing thing, that Oedipus had to face more pain due to his blindness than Teiresias even though Teiresias has been blind from birth. Maybe Sophocles is trying to tell the reader that its better to be blind and to be able to see the truth than being blind to the truth even after having perfect eyes. It’s almost like being blind is a relief as the one person who is blind from birth in Oedipus Rex, Teiresias has…show more content…
In an article I found on ‘The Independent ‘ by Kashmira Gander, Gander really helps the reader understand the shooting in detail due to the explicit facts he used. In the article the reporter said that “the massacre was masterminded by a 36 year old father of three” (Gander). Being a father meant that he should know the importance of kids and how they are the ones who hold the future of the world in their hands. I think he was ‘blind’ to the fact that the 132 kids he killed were the future helping hands of the world. His massacre didn’t just hurt the kids or the future but it also killed the parents of the kids mentally as parents spend all their life wanting something good for their kids. I think the father who executed the massacre was similar to Oedipus. This comparison can be proven true using the thematic statement of Ignorance leads to the blindness of knowledge. In both the scenarios the subjects couldn’t see the truth cause it was blocked due to their blindness. The thing that blinded Oedipus was his hubris and the thing that blinded the father was the influence of a terrorist group on
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