Oedipus The King Character Analysis

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In “Oedipus the King,” Oedipus is confronted with a plague that threatens to destroy Thebes; to save the city, he has to discover who murdered the previous king, Lauis, and banish them. He is determined to find the truth, but his determination and drive backfire on him and ultimately lead to his destruction. This had a strong, eye-opening impact on me because I see qualities of myself in Oedipus, and I sympathize with his emotions throughout the play as he uncovers the truth about his identity.
When Oedipus’ brother, Creon, brings news from an oracle about what caused the plague, Oedipus says “[he’ll] do everything” (1132) to discover who murdered Laius, and he won’t rest until he’s figured it out. I relate to his determination because when I set a goal, I don’t rest until I have completed it. For example, this past summer, I decided to run a half marathon. Although I signed up spontaneously, I trained every day and made a commitment to achieve my goal. Oedipus demonstrates his commitment by promising to “wear out [the murderer’s] life in misery” (1134). He is essentially condemning himself, yet I can’t help but root for him to uncover the truth because I understand his drive and desire to accomplish his task.
During his search for the murderer, Oedipus calls for a blind prophet named Teiresias to provide insight on the situation. When Teiresias initially refuses to speak, Oedipus becomes angry and begins criticizing him; he lets his arrogance get the best of him by

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