Oedipus The King Film Analysis

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Due to the different characteristics of the written and visual media, adapting plays into films poses many problems. These problems are further complicated when one decides to transform the film into a modern adaptation of a play. Here I will outline some of the problems I have found when adapting Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King” into a feature film. I will also include the difficulties experienced by other screenwriters when taking on this task and the thoughts of film critic André Bazin concerning the adaptation of the stage play into a film. One of the most fundamental problems of adapting a play is the necessity to bridge the gaps in the play, such as flashbacks that explain how the story came about and how the characters ended up in this…show more content…
In a play, the stage directions may include suggestions on certain props that should be used in order to reach the desired result, although this is not the case in “Oedipus the King” it can be found in other various plays, such as “Death of a Salesman” and “A view from the Bridge”. When writing a play, the playwright is left to his own imagination and therefore he can include any stage directions he desires, but one must take into consideration the fact that plays do not always have the financial means to replicate the playwright’s vision and therefore must rely on the audience’s imagination to transform a table and a few chairs into a fully functioning dining room and kitchen. The director of a film cannot rely on the viewer’s imagination but he must instead opt to use a real kitchen and dining room because cinematic conventions would not allow him a bare, symbolic representation of it. The film critic Andre Bazin writes that; “The realism of the cinema follows directly from its photographic nature…Illusion in the cinema is not based as it is in the theater on convention tacitly accepted by the general public; rather, contrariwise, it is based on the inalienable realism of that which is shown. All trick work must be perfect in all material respects on the

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