Oedipus The King Literary Analysis

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In the tragedy of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, A King trying to rid his people of a Plague ends up uncovering a terrifying truth of his past. And since Oedipus previously dealt with the monstrous Sphinx there is hope that he will be able to stop the plague. And now Oedipus has sent Creon to the Oracle of Delphi to get help from Apollo. Creon arrives from Delphi and reports that the oracle speaks of finding former King’s murderer. So, Oedipus seeks information on who killed Laius. And, Oedipus welcomes Tiresias but Tiresias regrets coming to the palace. Tiresias tells Oedipus that he is cause of Thebes plague. Oedipus responds by saying Tiresias is plotting treason with Creon. But, Jocasta stands up for Creon, Likewise, Oedipus agrees to banish him as he exits. …show more content…

Jocasta tries to calm Oedipus by telling him that prophecies and oracles can be false. Jocasta tells Oedipus what happened to Laius and Oedipus feels dread and sense of foreboding. Oedipus tells Jocasta that the oracle and prophecy was about marrying his mother, spawn hated generation, and murdering his father. And Killing man at crossroads that sounded similar to Laius. Fears that he killed Laius. Oedipus agrees with Jocasta to wait to hear shepard's testimony. People are doubting oracle and gods. Above all, Herald from Corinth tells Jocasta about Polybus death and Corinthians want Oedipus to be their king. Oedipus finds out Polybus is dead and Oedipus didn’t kill him. So Oedipus fears prophecy. Herald tells Oedipus that Meropi and Polybus aren't his parents. And Herald testifies to Oedipus’s identity Jocasta feels horror and dread as she realizes truth of Oedipus’s identity and she wants to protect him because she loves him. And, Herald identifies Shepherd reluctantly shares passed events. Moment of realization “truth” of his parents. Chores reacts with pity and bitter tears. And an attendant sees Jocasta hanged

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