Oedipus The King Play Analysis

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Elton Truss
ENGL 1302 2A1
Mrs. Sizemore
7 November, 2016
Drama Essay I will be writing about the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. I will look at the similarities and the differences of the plays. Are more pacifically I will be talking about realism. First of all, I what to talk about the characters of Oedipus the King. First of all is the main man himself Oedipus the king of Thebes. (Sophocles pg.1070) He goes on the quest to find the man who killed the old king, and stop the plague on his city of Thebes. But on the journey he finds out about from his wife the prophecy of the old king to be murdered on the crossroads by his son. Oedipus then finds out that the son of the king was abandoned by
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So, not it would not follow realism. It is more of what I usually get from plays of that time the mystical or god like stories. Where the king or god is on a quest from the gods, and to find the truest true or find the ultimate power. There is just the classic signs of Greek drama and tragedy. Drama can be that Oedipus finds out that he is the old kings son. Tragedy could be he stabs himself in the eyes after he finds his wife/mother has killed himself. But still a far cry form realism. On the other hand, you have Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. The father Willy is a father, husband, and salesman. So instead of facing his failing and admitting he is not a good salesman, or father and husband. He repeats to deny realities of his life. I think a good example is on page 1300 when Miller writs about when Linda the wife and willy the husband are talking about her diamond watch. Willy asks what ever happen to the watch, and she tells him how he pawn it so their son could have radio correspondence class or course. Now instead of saying how he regrets for selling it or feeling bad for what he did. He just says it was beautiful and then goes for a walk. (Miller pg.

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