Oedipus The King Reflection Paper

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Kami Worley
THTR 101: Intro to Theater
Prof. Bingham
14 January 2018
Oedipus the King Oedipus is King of Thebes which is known to end due to sickness and later death. Creon, who is the brother of the queen Jocasta, goes to the oracle Apollo to try to stop the plague by receiving a serum. When he arrives at Apollo, he is told that the only way the plague can be lifted from Thebes is if the murder of Jocasta’s first husband, also known as Thebes previous king, who was killed, is in return killed. Oedipus curses whoever brought this prosperity onto his people and he is determined to go out and find his true identity. First, he goes to a blind prophet named Tiresias, who later blames Oedipus and tells him that he himself is the one he is looking for. Oedipus grows agree and throws the old man out and with that, is convinced that Creon and the old man are working together to get the crown. When Creon finds out about these assumptions, he goes to talk to Oedipus, along with Jocasta, and the three together agree that the oracle Apollo and the older gentleman are wrong. Then, a messenger from Corinth approaches Oedipus and tells him that his father is dead. Recalling back on what the oracle had told him about killing his father and marrying his mother, Oedipus found comfort within the arriving news of his dead father. This also assured him that the old man and the oracle Apollo’s prophecies were false. Later, Oedipus has a much deeper conversation with Jocasta and the messenger
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