Oedipus The King Rhetorical Analysis

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Nearly everything Oedipus says reveals his lack of knowledge. Oedipus says, “Whoever murdered him may also wish to punish me” (139-140). In this one phrase, Oedipus shows the audience that he does not know who killed the king, for he would not come to punish himself. He says he will search out the answers “as if for my own father” (329), when ironically that is precisely what he is doing. When talking about the fate of the searched-for murderer, Oedipus says it will not be cruel. However, the reader finds out later that he creates for himself what may be considered a more severe punishment- scarring his eyes. Perhaps the most ironic and two-fold example of irony is that Oedipus criticizes Tiresias for being physically blind. The man may not

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