Oedipus Vs Creon Leadership Style Analysis

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Bibin Benny
Mrs. Spellman
Literature and Composition C
23 October 2015
The Legendary ruling of Kings When a new King takes charge, he might have different morals, laws and attitudes. There are many attributes a king must possess in order to have a stable but happy kingdom. In the two greek stories, “Oedipus Rex”, and “Antigone”,the reader witnesses two kings' styles of leadership. Creon and Oedipus have a number of leadership qualities that differ from each other and some that are similar. Creon is staunchly determined and confronts issues head on, while Oedipus is a lenient ruler, but punishes very strictly. Both end making big mistakes.
Oedipus and Creon have many similarities. For example, they both ended up doing the right thing in the end. In the article “12 Distinguishing …show more content…

The quote from 12 leadership qualities states that an excellent leader must possess, “A steadfast work ethic and commitment to personal excellence. (Givray 2). The quote says that the leader must have an “unwavering and committed attitude towards his work. The leader must stand firm in his decisions and be unflinching.” Creon perfectly displays that. Creon does not even give Antigone a second chance. He is sticking to his rule and there is nothing that will change that, even with his own nephew. He has no mercy. He has proven to be a brave and committed leader. Oedipus does not show this.
In Conclusion, Creon and Oedipus can differ and be alike in their leadership qualities. Creon and Oedipus both follow the objective of doing the right thing by doing what's best for their people and their lands. Oedipus has integrity in his actions and choices but no commitment to his work where Creon has commitment and Oedipus does not. In simplest terms, both characters possess vital traits that make them alike and different and enable them to be successfully known rulers of Thebes.

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