Oenopion's Explanation

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The constellation I love most has to be Orion. Orion was a famous hunter in Roman mythology. As for the constellation itself, Orion 's Belt is another famous constellation, however it is just 3 stars in a curved line, and only a small part of Orion. It is a fairly popular constellation. Orion has hundreds upon hundreds of myths about his creation, but here 's my favorite. Orion was a a gift given to a peasant by the Gods, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury. He supposedly had greater strength than any other mortal, and could walk on water. He walked the coasts of Sicily and built a temple to the Gods there. Orion fell in love with the beautiful princess of Chios and daughter of Oenopion by the name of Merope. However, Oenopion would not allow…show more content…
There once was a good peasant, by the name of Orion. He was a an 18 year old, delightful person to be with, and was loved by his village. However, he was hated by one person, whose name was Eli. Eli despised of him so much, he wanted to kill him. Eli and Orion were enemies, because one day, Orion had been quite a bad person, like Eli, and they had just stolen money from the general store. The alarm had gone off, signalling for them to run. They ran and ran, Because their house was around the outskirts of town. Eventually they hid, because the police didn 't seem to be near them. Orion could sense them coming, so he was ready. As soon as they camp around the corner, he ran. Eli was cornered by the police and screamed at Orion to help him, but Orion just ran. Eli promised himself he would get revenge, and that as soon as Eli was out of jail, Orion would never see another day. Now, Orion’s mother Ana was a witch. She knew about everything that had happened to Orion. She had guards check in on Eli in the night and check his work. The guards found Eli once with a notebook, plotting on how to kill Orion. The guards figured it was not in their position to execute Eli for this offense, as it wasn 't something to be executed over. However, they went straight away to tell Ana. Ana plotted for weeks and weeks over how to keep her son safe. Orion had become a better man, and Ana didn 't want her child to die. One day, however, Eli unexpectedly broke out of jail. He crept into
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