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Most horse books follow a similar plot; a sassy city girl meets a hurt or wild horse, tames it, and transforms into an earthly country gal who wears a cowboy hat and boots. That’s not the case with Misty of Chincoteague. Marguerite Henry 's book Misty Of Chincoteague gives a suspenseful plot with peaks and valleys, and the hope of two children hoping to catch a pony of their own. This book unlike many horse based books is based off of a real Chincoteague pony with a patch shaped like the USA as part of her coat. The book starts of by introducing Paul and Maureen, two hopeful kids who want to have a pony of their own. Both are set on catching Phantom, a mystical mare who no one has managed to catch, Yet. The book continued, setting the scenery. Allowing the reader to see the sandy beaches of Assateague Island, feel Paul and Maureen’s excitement, and hear the pounding of horse 's hooves along the beach. Phantom, the mystic mare is Paul and Maureen 's only goal, and the book continues with their quest to raise enough money to buy Phantom. Phantom becomes their main focus, and harbors even more importance after it is discovered that she has a foal. Paul is seen as the main protagonist, even more so as he heads…show more content…
Paul and Maureen are making worthy main characters, they are sparky and determined, with a lot of hope. This type of main character is refreshing and entertaining. It is amusing to follow their different quirks and characteristics throughout the book. At this point the book has started on the road to the climax. Paul and Phantom are the main subject, with Maureen and Misty close behind. The first portion of the story wraps up with a nice flare as Paul and Maureen gain Misty and Phantom as their very own. This portion reflects back on the struggles of getting Phantom, nearly losing Misty, and all of the trauma in between. Marguerite Henry starts to climb towards the climax by describing Paul and Maureen’s attempts to train Phantom, and Misty’s
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