Of Doodle Being Pushed Beyond In Hurst's 'Scarlet Ibis'

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Doodle Being Pushed Beyond
Pushing to extremes can be extremely dangerous when talking about something. There is a line between pushing to the limits and pushing beyond the limits. Pushing beyond the limits can create danger with something that someone maybe might not be capable of. In the story Scarlet Ibis Brother pushes his brother Doodle beyond the limits. Brother pushing Doodle beyond the limits created great danger throughout the story. Brother was at fault for Doodle’s death for pushing him too hard.
Brother kept running in the rain and he left Doodle behind because he couldn’t keep up. Doodle and Brother were out practicing to make Doodle more normal. The storm started to come down, so they took off for home. I heard Doodle who had fallen behind, cry out, “Brother, Brother, don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!” (Hurst 6). Good brothers would come back and get their brother if he was screaming. Brother leaving Doodle behind when he was screaming just shows that he wasn’t being nice enough to his brother. Leaving your brother behind is really mean. If he wouldn’t have left Doodle behind maybe the outcome would’ve been different. Brother wouldn’t have gone back and seen Doodle all bloody. Brother caused Doodle
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Everyday Brother would take Doodle out to this swamp to practice skills like swimming and running. They practiced until he collapsed, and then he would get back up and do it again. “I purposely walked fast, and although he kept up, his faced turned red and his eyes became glazed” (Hurst 4). He purposely walked fast even though he knew Doodle could not keep up. His eyes became glazed and his face turned red because he was being push to the extremes. His face and eyes quoted like that shows that he could possibly collapse. Collapsed can be seriously dangerous because you blackout usually when you collapse. Being pushed to the extremes shows people Brother was a bad brother because he was flirting the line with
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