Of Erik Erikson's Life Stage Model: Basic Trust Vs. Mistrust

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Part A Stage 1 of Erik Erikson’s life stages model: Basic trust vs. mistrust In the first stage of Erikson’s model, infant explore the world. While their exploration, it can be foreseeable that they face difficulties. If infant can find someone to relied on or receiving care, love from the surrounding, trust could be developed. Having the sense of trust encourage infant keep on discover more uncertainty since they have a hope that they can gain support whenever they face obstacles. For example, when infant first meet dog, they curious about the animals and try to touch it. The dog bark at the infant, they infant will fear at the animals if they cannot get immediate support from parents. However, if the parents care about the baby and tell the baby not to afraid, the baby could have the hope that whenever he/she faces the challenges, their parents would offer help. Hope help infant to develop a positive identity which they are cared by someone, on the contrary, mistrust lead to negative social identity. Stage 2: Autonomy vs. shame & doubt In this stage, child start develops independence by choosing their food or wear clothes by themselves. Autonomy means taking action according to own will (Cherry ,2016). For instance, parents start encouraging their child to hold the spoon to eat, it is obvious that children drop spoons easily. Some parents encourage and patiently teach the child while some parents criticize and stop the child from trying. Encouragement could lead to

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