Of Estrella In Helena Maria Viramontes Under The Feet Of Jesus

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Estrella appears to be a child from a different country who has moved with her family to an English-speaking country. Trying to adapt to her new surroundings, she often finds herself confused. In addition to feeling confused, she also thinks that she is being ignored by those around her every day. However, Estrella does not notice the things others see in regards to her outward appearance. Despite the opinions of outsiders, a man, Perfecto Flores, finally helps her achieve her overall goal. All in all, Under the Feet of Jesus tells the tale of a young girl who faces challenges to get the education she needs using detail, figurative language, and tone. As the narrative begins, the author uses a toolbox to represent the knowledge that she seeks to learn. Estrella expresses…show more content…
The same tools used to compare the letters of the alphabet were unknowingly made as an academic lesson. Over Estrella became familiar with each tool in the box. With the help of Perfecto, Estrella was finally able to accomplish her goal, to finally be able to read. In conclusion, Helena Maria Viramontes's novel Under the Feet of Jesus displays the maturing of a young girl by the name of Estrella. Seeming to be new her surroundings, she tries to adapt to her surroundings by attempting to learn its complicated ways. In addition to this obstacle, Estrella's closest acquaintances have the same habit of keeping things from her. As a result, to these adversities, the protagonist eventually possesses frustration at her young age. This exasperation is often shown when at school to get the attention of the educators. However, the teachers do not pay attention her annoyance. Instead, they take notice to her appearance which, in their opinion trumps her educational needs. Eventually, she gets what she wants when someone close to her teaches her instead using common objects. This proves that her frustrations were somewhat in vain because she had all she needed to help her close by all
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