Of John Hartmire's Essay: At The Heart Of A Historic Movement

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In John Hartmire’s essay “At the Heart of a Historic Movement” is about the movement that Cesar Chavez had lead and about Hartmire when he was a child during the movement. Hartmire had made it seem like the movement that Chavez was leading did not allow him grow up like the other children. He sounds like he was against him at first when he was a child because he would hardly see his father and his family were always attending rallies for Chavez’s movement. Hartmire says in his essay “I was dragged to marches in the coachella and san joaquin valleys. I was taken out of school to attend union meeting and rallies that interested me even less that geometry class. I spent time in supermarket parking lots reluctantly passing out leaflets and urging shoppers not…show more content…
He constructed the chicano movement. The Chicano movement was first brought up in New Mexico by Reies López Tijerina. Gonzalez was the one who picked it up the movement by defining being Chicano in his poem called “I am Joaquin.” He also constructed the first Chicano youth conference in 1969. Where many young Mexican American youth came together to talk about the common issues of oppression, discrimination, and injustice. He made it possible for my family to live a normal life. My parents came from Mexico around 1980. He made it possible for them to be accepted. The Chicano movement was lead by many amazing leaders but I like to mention Gonzalez because he had a great explanation on how it feels to be Chicano in the United States. Gonzalez explained in his poem how it feels to be Mexican and living in a world filled with just white faces. He opened a lot of eyes. He made many people who are from mexico to feel a lot comfortable about being Mexican in the United States. Making my parents one of them, they stand proud for many years. Encouraging others to be proud of their culture. Gonzalez allowed them and many others to have a
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