Of Logres In Roger Green's King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table

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Logres, The Distopian Society Logres is known as the Land of Blessing, and it is thought to be one of the most peaceful places on earth. However, there was also war, betrayal, and lots of human error. In Roger Green’s book, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Though in the beginning of Logres’ existence, it could have been considered a successful Utopian Society it drifted into a country full of war and betrayal. Logres,was not a utopian society because of the many problems that occurred daily. The Realm of Logres is an unsuccessful Utopian society because of human error, betrayal and lots of war. When King Arthur married Guinevere, Merlin told Arthur that she would bring an end to Logres, and Merlin was correct. He told Arthur that Guinevere and another knight would have an…show more content…
King Arthur, also known as Arthur Pendragon, was brought to Sir Ector by Merlin when he was a little boy, and Sir Ector raised him. Then one day Sir Ector asked him to fetch a sword for him and Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and when he brought the sword back Sir Ector didn’t believe him. So Sir Ector put the sword back in the stone, and Arthur pulled the sword out with ease: “Without stopping to read what was written on the sword Arthur pulled the sword out at touch”(Green, 7). Arthur was oblivious that the sword was special when he pulled it out, and that many knights had tried, but failed. Obviously he was meant by god to be the King of Britain, and he had something special about him. He did not know that Merlin had brought him to Sir Ector when he was a child. Without Merlin, Logres would have never achieved utopianism. Merlin is the center of the utopian society. Once he died bad things started to happen in Logres. Logres was a utopian society in the beginning, but the death of Merlin was the beginning of the Dark

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