Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream By Wiliam Shakespere

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In the play A Midsummer nights dream by Wiliam Shakespere love is a very important theme. Shakespere illustrates the different types of love through his characters. Some of the types of love he prorays include forced, parental and true love. One of the types of love shown in the play is forced love. In the beginning of the play a forced love can be seen between Theseus, the duke of Athens, and Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. While preparing for their wedding, Thesus says that he won Hippolyta 's love with his sword.Thessus and Hippolyta were on oppoising sides of a war, and Thesus chose to kidnap Hipolyta. After he kidnaped her the two "fell in love" and decided get married. The fact that Thesus had to kidnap Hipolyta to get her to fall…show more content…
Parental love is the love between a parent and a child. Parental love is illustrated through Egeus 's love for his daughter Hermia. Readers may feel that Egeus 's chaarcter is a horrible father that does not care about his daughter, however this is not neccesarily true. It is wrong of Egeus to force his daugter to marry someone she does not love but this is also Egeus 's way of doing what is best for his daughter. Egeus 's has good intentions even if his actions do not protray this. As a father Egeus only wants what is best for his daughter Hermia, and he seems to think that Demetrius is exactly that. Demetrius is wealthy and has a good repuation. Based on the fact that Egeus likes Dmetrius for these things, readers may feel that Egeus is selfish and idealistic, however from his perspective these things make Demetrius a good match for his daughter. Another example of his love for Hermia is shown when he gets defensive about Lysander. Due to Egeus 's own experiences with love, he is defensive when Lysander and Hermia declare they are in love. Egeus does not trust Lysander 's intentions because Egeus frequently said that he loved a girl yet found himself stating his love for another girl so quickly. Based on this it is evident that although Egeus has trouble showing it, he truly loves his daughter Hermia, and only wants what is best for her. The last type of loeve shown is true love. True love is depicted between
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