Of Max's Urine Tracey About How Concentrated Or Dilute It Is?

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1. What does the color of Max 's urine tell Tracey about how concentrated or dilute it is? How does Max 's urine color/concentration compare to the urine specific gravity at the same time?
Answer: Max pale yellow and yellow urine is considered normal before and after his exercise (Mammadli). However, during his workout he was slightly dehydrated since his urine turned to dark yellow. The urine color and specific gravity are matched in terms of normal values based on the data results. Because the normal specific gravity of urine ranges from 1.000-1.030 according to
2. Based on the urine color and specific gravity, what might Tracey conclude about the hydration status of Max 's body at the three different times?
Answer: Since
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4. Tracey knows that proteinuria (protein in the urine) after intense exercise is physiological (normal). However, protein is typically not present in urine. Why is that?
Answer: Protein does not usually appear in urine unless a person has an underlying condition that will cause the kidney to filter out proteins. The human kidneys can only filter small molecules such as nitrogenic waste products (i.e. urea, uric acid) glucose, amino acids, and salts. Since protein is considered a large molecule it cannot fit on the capillary walls of the glomerulus of the kidneys.
5. Tracey had been slightly concerned about the trace glucose that was found in Max 's urine six hours after his exercise until she discovered that he had eaten an entire large pizza an hour before the urinalysis. Explain why glucose might show up in Max 's urine after a particularly heavy meal.
Answer: The glucose that appeared in Max’s urine was caused by excess glucose from the carbohydrate of the pizza that he ate. Glucose in the urine or glycosuria only occurs when the kidneys capacity to absorb glucose exceeds the renal threshold for glucose. When the kidneys get overwhelmed by a significant amount of glucose it will fail to reabsorb and as a result a large amount of glucose will pass into
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