The Lord Of The Flies: Quote Analysis

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“Lord of the Flies” reminds us that there is a biological difference between females and males. Jack and Ralph try proving to one another and the boys why they should be the leader.
“‘Shut up,’ said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. ‘Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things. ‘A chief! A chief!’ ‘I ought to be chief,’ said Jack arrogantly, ‘because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.’” (Golding, 1954, chapter 1, p. 21)
This quote shows how illogical the boys can be. It was foolish of Jack to think he should be in charge just because he can sing C sharp, but it was even more foolish that Ralph got chosen because he is handsome and had the conch. Perhaps Golding is telling us that all rules and order are somewhat
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Sol Lim, like Kaiser, agrees with the previous statement and talks about how the lack of connectivity throughout the brain development can essentially help recover and enhance the brain functions by rearranging the systems more effectively (Knapton, 2013, para.9). Considering that fact, instead of approaching so many people when you are lost, you can ask people who have lived in the area for the longest time and easily find your way around (Knapton, 2013, para.10). In a comparable method, decreasing some predictions in the brain assists in emphasizing on crucial knowledge, such as connecting the sound of an accustomed person’s voice to their face (Knapton, 2013, para.12). While examining the brains of 121 volunteers amongst the ages of 4 and 40, they established important alterations. Earlier studies show that the brain re-organizes itself and that there is more activity all throughout puberty (Knapton, 2013, para.13). It was rather unexpected to find that these changes were starting much earlier in girls in comparison to boys. Boys start pruning at the ages of 15 to 20, while girls start pruning at the ages of 10 to 12 (Knapton, 2013, para.16). Therefore, the boy’s aggressive and savage actions on the island imply that their hormones were still starting to develop. Girls, in contrast, already reach puberty by the age of 10 years and have their emotions more settled and controlled than boys, allowing their decisions…show more content…
For example, in any terrifying situation—being home alone, witnessing a stranger following you, or walking towards your house—women would feel greater fear than men, and this explains why they are so cautious. In addition to these factors, in every girl, it is known that they carry a mother’s intuition. Driscoll (2002, p.2) says in her book Girls, “It seems self-evident that girls are female children, or young women”, for instance, Wendy Darling from the novel of Peter Pan, who loves telling stories to her brothers. When Wendy and her brothers join Pan in Neverland, the Lost Boys ask Wendy to be their mother - a request she hesitantly agreed to do – and she accomplished it by telling them stories, taking care of them, and putting them to bed. Contrasting the boys in Lord of the Flies where they had no one to take care of them and instead they argued over vigorous properties, fought and in the end killed one another. Later on in the story, Wendy begins to worry about her parents and decides to go back home, which didn’t please any of the boys, especially her brothers. Wendy returns home to London understanding the importance of adulthood and decided not to postpone maturity any longer. To show clearly the
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