Of Mice And Men Betrayal Essay

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a well known classic that depicts the life of migrant workers''' during the great depression. As this book may seem uninteresting, it actually has been shown immense respect in the literature world. It has stood the test of time and is a primary book being taught in schools today. The theme played a big role in making this happen. Without realization kids are able to relate to the reason that it depicts loneliness and betrayal. Throughout the story you not only recognize this in the main characters, George and Lennie, but also the minor characters as well. For Of Mice and Men to stand the test of time there theme of loneliness and betrayal has been relatable by people of all ages. Loneliness have been…show more content…
It ranged from small factors to large endings, making it prevalent. It kicks off right away in chapter one when the bus driver doesn’t drive George and Lennie to the ranch making them walk 10 miles. Curley’s wife is ready to cheat on him at any moment show betrayal in their matrimony. Or when all the workers decided to kill Candy’s dog because of its age. The book shows dishonesty in every chapter and played a major role in the migrant worker's lives. In order for them to keep their jobs and able to travel they become thick skinned in order to keep up with the deception around them. Soon they pick up on that behavior and do the same. Each little unfaithfulness leads to a bigger one. Lenny will kill one of the workers puppy’s, then leading up to Curley’s wife being murdered, and then the biggest treason. After all the events unfolded the workers turned their backs on Lenny and his mental disorder and decided to kill him. George found him first and shot him in the back of the head in order to keep that from happening again. That was the most massive betrayal to happen and by a George who was supposed to take care of him. Betrayal was a recurring action throughout the novel, adding on to the suspense and foreshadowing of what was to come. The concept happens to people often throughout their lives, maybe not on this scale, leaving marks that can change a
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