Of Mice And Men Dreams Essay

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What do your dreams mean to you? Do they motivate you to work hard and be the best person you can be? Well in John Steinbeck 's “Of Mice and Men”, this is what dreams mean to the characters. To the characters, dreams are a motivation to work hard and they give hope to the characters. Dreams create a utopia to escape to and dreams motivate the characters to work with each other not against each other. "Teamwork makes the dreamwork!" - Anonymous. When dreams involve more than one person, there will be teamwork involved. When characters have a dream with other people involved they must learn to work with each other and not against each other. With Of Mice and Men being set in the 1930’s, teamwork involving different races, disabilities and gender…show more content…
In the novel Of Mice and Men dreams help take away the sensation of loneliness that is ever present in the book. This is because it connects everyone in the novel together. One way we can be sure of this is when Candy’s dog was shot and he was melancholy for a while before deciding to emotionally connect with the others on the ranch. This is evident when Other characters dreams matter to each other as well. This is shown at the end of the novel after Lennie’s life had been unfortunately ended and George was “broken” inside. Most of the characters were oblivious to why he was upset but Slim saw through the lie that George had told, and broke a little too. This was an emotional ending for many reasons, and not just because Lennie died. At the end of the novel the lonely air snuck back into the dialogue because everyone’s dreams were shredded and discarded. George and Candy would not live on a farm without Lennie, and Curley did not have a wife anymore. This really highlights how crucial dreams were in the novel Of Mice And Men. In conclusion, dreams are crucial in the novel Of Mice And Men because Dreams help build teamwork, dreams create a utopia for the characters and dreams take away the sensations of loneliness in this particular book written by John
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